All City Auction Rules for Prospective Buyers:


• Auctions are held at 9801 Warwick blvd, Newport News, Va.  Contact us at 757-775-1511

   for additional information.


• Registration begins at 11:00 AM, and bidding starts at 2pm.


• There is a $100.00 (CASH) deposit registration that is fully refundable at the end of the

  auction (with bidder card) if you do not purchase a vehicle.


• You must register and receive a bidder's number in order to bid; each bidder is allowed one

  guest and is responsible for that guest’s actions.


  • Information provided at registration will be used to complete the Bill of Sale and Affidavit of  Compliance. No changes will be made to the Bill of Sale or Affidavit of Compliance. The bidder's number used will be the name and address on the Bill of Sale and Affidavit of Compliance.


  • If you see a TA on the auction sheet which means “Title Absent”. The seller has 30 days to turn in a title to the auction and we will pass it on to you. If the title is not turned in within 30 days you can return the vehicle for a full refund or wait longer for the title to arrive.


• You must have a bidder’s card prior to viewing vehicles.


•  Bidder's cards must be visible at all times.


•  Refunds (cash deposit) are given until 5pm on the day of sale only. NO EXCEPTION.


•  All vehicles are sold “AS IS.” There are NO GUARANTEES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED an

   there are no refunds.




  • A 4% convince fee will be added to all card transactions


•  Vehicles must be PAID IN FULL by 5pm the DAY OF SALE. If vehicles are not paid in full by

   5pm, your deposit will be forfeited and you will not be able to bid at future auctions.


•  Please note there is also a fee for storage for any car left on the property, longer than 24hrs.    

   All vehicles purchased must be removed from the All City Auctions and the public streets

   surrounding the compound no later than 4pm on Sunday. Failure to remove the vehicle will

   result in it being towed for $125 and $25 a day storage.


•  You must have a paid receipt to pick up vehicles.


•  Once you have purchased a vehicle, All City Auctions is no longer responsible for the vehicle

   or its contents.


•  It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure all paperwork received is correct, including the

  Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If the paperwork is not correct, All City Auctions

  personnel will correct it within 24 hours.


•  Repair work on purchase vehicles is NOT ALLOWED within the compound.


•  Vehicles must be removed from lot by either driving or tow.


•  When removing vehicles from the lot, proof of ownership must be shown to All City Auctions’   

  personnel at the gate.


•  An adult must accompany children under the age of 18.


• All City Auctions reserves the right to remove vehicles from the auction.


  • Failure to comply with all rules will result in being escorted off the lot and banned from future    

      All City Auctions auctions.


  • Enter at your own risk we are not responsible or liable for any injuries that take place on our property.